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Dnes je Utorok 25.januára 2022, meniny má Gejza, zajtra bude mať Tamara


Oznámiť ako Spam Chybné Dulicitné Už neplatné Urážlivé

Melodické zvukové hračky Dátum zverejnenia: 01/05/2021
  • Krajina: Slovensko
  • Región: New York
  • Mesto: New York
  • PSČ: New York
  • Adresa: VPlAmqhVvZjbLkPvAI
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These smokers delight in pointing out the contradictions of an official policy which urges all to quit, while still paying subsidies to France's 2000 tobacco growers. It is also noted that France spends more on compensating tobacconists for loss of earnings than it does on anti-tobacco campaigns. And, as my friend the tobacconist says, stupendous price rises (80 per cent in 10 years) have done little to cut consumption but a lot to stimulate a parallel tobacco trade. Many French smokers now travel to neighbouring countries to buy cheaper fags, or stay home and buy contraband. Smugglers are once again coming over the Pyrenees, their knapsacks full of tobacco. The parallel trade is reckoned to be worth €3 billion a year.

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